Solar Power Devotees Install 20 Solar Panels At Their North Carolina Home

Installing solarDick and Chloe Goho are fanatics of solar power and have installed 20 solar panels at their home in North Carolina. They received 65 percent state and federal tax credit towards the purchase of the system. Dick and Chloe’s home feature solar hot water heating, LED Lights and solar skylights.

The Goho’s ultimate ultimate goal is to reduce their consumption of energy. Since installing the photovoltaic solar panels a year ago, the couple have reduced their energy consumption from 800 KW to 320 KW monthly.

Chloe, who is a retired financial analyst, estimates that it will take at least eight years for the solar system to pay for itself. This is because the system has practically cut their electricity bill in half. Previously, the couples typical bill was $100 but their most recent bill was $40 and the system was only on for two weeks for that month.